fair housing & fair lending attorney illinoisAt the Law Offices of Al Hofeld, Jr., LLC, we know that discrimination in the purchase and rental of residential property remains pervasive – whether it is a refusal to rent or sell, steering to or away from certain housing or neighborhoods, advertising targeted to certain groups of people, refusal to provide reasonable accommodations, overpriced mortgage loans or homeowner’s insurance (“reverse redlining”), retaliation, etc. These illegal practices help perpetuate our already highly segregated, residential neighborhoods and housing markets. In the fair lending area, we have brought both “redlining” and “reverse redlining” cases against lenders.

At the Law Offices of Al Hofeld, Jr., LLC, we are committed to taking on and fighting these tough cases. We understand that discrimination in housing is subtle, indirect, hard to detect and, therefore, not easy to fight. We don’t have to be convinced that discrimination occurred, and we fight hard to obtain the evidence necessary to prove it.

If you suspect that you have been discriminated against in any aspect of the search for, the advertising for, the application process for, the rental or purchase of housing or any of the goods and services that go along with it, such as a mortgage loan or homeowner’s insurance, we can file a lawsuit to get immediate, injunctive relief and/or recover money damages to compensate you for the harm that you have suffered due to discrimination. Call us today: 773-241-5844.

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