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Children of any age have civil rights just like adults, and their rights and well-being should never be compromised by law enforcement, schools, or anyone else. A Chicago children’s civil rights attorney works to advocate for and enforce children’s civil rights to ensure that children, our most precious resource, receive just and tender treatment at all times.

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Why It’s Important To Use A Chicago Lawyer For Police Misconduct Against Children

Al Hofeld Law is a civil rights law firm that specializes in children’s civil rights with an emphasis on police brutality and police misconduct. If your child has been affected by an encounter with law enforcement, a Chicago children’s police brutality lawyer can help. A Chicago children’s rights attorney advocates on behalf of children and their families to make sure that their rights are maintained, protected, and defended. If a child has had a traumatic experience with law enforcement or police, they are entitled to receive financial compensation to cover the costs of the damage, injuries, or trauma that resulted from this experience.

A lot of people overlook the importance of using a Chicago lawyer for police misconduct against children because they think that children will not remember or understand the gravity of the situation. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Studies have shown that the trauma of witnessing police violence is not lost on children. Interactions with police are always intense and scary for children. Children are taught by society to trust law enforcement officers, and witnessing police brutality or misconduct can shatter their beliefs and understandings.

Because of this, taking legal action on behalf of these children is urgent and important. Children who witness police misconduct will suffer an emotional toll that takes considerable time, money, and help to overcome.

While there are not enough studies on the impacts of police violence on children, there are many studies that assess the impact of violence and trauma on the child’s development. Children who have witnessed violence often suffer impaired cognitive development.

If a child has witnessed police committing acts of violence, it is more than likely that their brain development will be stunted. A Chicago children’s police brutality lawyer can help you receive financial retribution to offset the costs of repairing the damage that this trauma has caused.

Additionally, the effects of witnessing violence are not short-term nor forgettable when they occur at a young age. This type of trauma usually sticks with children as they grow up, causing several difficulties. Listed below are some of the conditions that children who witness violence are at higher risk of dealing with compared to the average child:

  • Mental Health Disorders (Anxiety & Depression)
  • Anti-Social Behavior
  • Problems With Paying Attention & Focusing (Especially In School)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ultimately, the trauma of witnessing police violence, misconduct, and brutality causes serious, long-term damage to children, which is why it is imperative that you seek help from a Chicago lawyer for police misconduct against children. These children are entitled to receive compensation for their recovery whether they need therapy, medication, or anything else.

When To Use A Chicago Civil Rights Attorney For Children

Children and minors should be protected from harm at all times. If this protection is violated, a Chicago civil rights attorney for children can help you reach a financial settlement to repair the damage caused. Here are some examples of when a Chicago civil rights attorney for children should be used.

All of the occurrences listed here can cause considerable damage and trauma to children. If your child has gone through any of these scenarios or any other police interaction that has caused trauma or injury, they deserve compensation.

What Does A Chicago Police Brutality Lawyer For Children Do?

Children who witness police brutality, misconduct, and violence face severe trauma, but a Chicago police brutality lawyer for children can help. A Chicago police brutality lawyer for children works with families affected by police brutality to give them the means to recover.

It’s important, beneficial, and worthwhile to enlist the help of a lawyer so that you can seamlessly navigate legal proceedings. At Al Hofeld Law, our team works tirelessly to guide and assist you during this difficult time with our expertise. A Chicago children’s rights attorney will complete the following tasks and duties:

  • Find Evidence – If you suspect that your child has been affected by witnessing police brutality or misconduct, your attorney will uncover the evidence to prove it. At Al Hofeld Law, we work closely with every client so that we have all of the necessary information to find and present the most pertinent evidence for your case.
  • Claim/Lawsuit Filing – Filing a claim or lawsuit is a complicated process, but an attorney can guide you through every step. Your Chicago children’s rights attorney acts as your expert on legal matters, and they will work closely with you to make sure that the claim or lawsuit is filed without any errors or mistakes.
  • Representation In Court – Once your case reaches court, your Chicago children’s rights attorney will represent you. They will provide all necessary information to demonstrate the severity of the damage that was caused by the child’s proximity to police brutality and/or misconduct.
  • Negotiate Settlement – Negotiating is not easy, but an attorney will work tirelessly to achieve a fair settlement. At Al Hofeld Law, we know that no amount of money can make completely make up for the damage that has been caused to your child, but we will fight for you and do our very best to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

If a child that you know has been affected by law enforcement misconduct or brutality, do not wait to reach out to a lawyer until it’s too late. A lawyer or attorney will help and assist you as you get started with legal action so that the process is taken care of as quickly as possible.

Chicago Children’s Police Brutality Lawyer
Al Hofeld Law

Al Hofeld Law is a consumer rights and civil rights law firm with a specialty in police brutality and misconduct. At the Law Offices of Al Hofeld Jr., we are passionate about bringing justice to all citizens who have experienced police brutality, especially children.

Al Hofeld Law believes that no child should witness or experience police brutality. Whether the child saw a family member, friend, or even someone that they don’t know subjected to police misconduct, it should not go unnoticed. A Chicago police brutality lawyer can defend your child’s rights to ensure that they have the resources and financial means to overcome any trauma.

If your child has been adversely affected by police misconduct recently, it’s important to take action now. Getting started as soon as possible is key to ensure that you and your child can move on from the experience of police brutality with minimal long-term repercussions.


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